Whether you are renovating or building a barn for your horses, one of the most important aspects which is often ignored is lighting. Providing illumination to a barn can make things around it more functional, safe, and comfortable. So if you really care about your horses, provide them with better lighting by taking good close attention to it during barn renovation or construction.


When thinking about which barn lights to install, always consider aspects like environment, neighbours, design, codes, as well as costs. Barns often require different combinations of lighting fixtures which includes the incandescent, fluorescent, halogen, vapor, and mercury. Barns will also require natural lighting so make sure your building will have enough windows for sunlight to enter.

Before installing the fixtures, also know and follow the building codes in your area. This way, you can guarantee a safer shelter and environment for your horses as required. Though as you may notice that not many barns follow the required codes, for the sake of your horses and your investment, always stick with the building and lighting code.

Natural Light

Letting sunshine inside the barn does not only save energy but is also healthy for the horses. The UV light coming from the sun can help destroy viruses, bacteria, and parasite lavae and eggs. On top of that, allowing light to pass through the individual windows in each stall can offer better ventilation and mental activity among the horses.  For the roof, consider installing skylights for an even natural lighting during daytime.

Stall Lighting Fixtures

For barn stalls, usually standard 100 watt incandescent barn lights will be adequate. You can also make use of bulb lights or fluorescent tubes. Whichever your choice will be, make sure that they are mounted in areas where shadows will not be casted and are far away from the reach of the horses. For added safety, wrap or case the fixtures with metal or plastic cage to protect it from the nibbling mouths of the horses.

Outdoor Lighting

Exterior lighting is also very important especially when it comes to your convenience as well as safety and security of your horses. Security lights must be installed around the exterior of the barn. Make sure to have it powered by a different power source. Because it is for the outdoors, choose fixtures that are also designed for outdoor use. Consider installing floodlights and mercury vapor lighting fixtures for more illumination. To save energy from these fixtures, you may purchase those that come with sensors.