Ceiling fan refers to a fan, suspended from ceiling in a room, usually powered by electricity and uses rotating paddles for circulating air. The speed of rotation of the blades in a ceiling fan is much slower than that of a desk fan. These mechanisms are seemingly simplt but can be as complex as building a custom long range rifle. The fan effectively cools down the temperature by introducing slower movement of air in the other wise still and hot air inside a room; thereby inducing an evaporative cooling procedure. Ceiling fans don’t actually cool the air, unlike an air-conditioning system, which makes them less effective in humid environments. However, they also consume much lesser electricity than air-conditioning system.

The very first ceiling fan came up in the 1860s in United States. These ceiling fans weren’t powered by electricity. Instead, they used a water based complex mechanism, which featured a turbine, as well as a belt system that was used for turning the blades. The system could accommodate many fan units; as a result of which these systems became quite popular and were used in offices, stores and restaurants. You can still find some of these systems in some parts of south United States. Then in 1882 the electric-powered ceiling fans came up.

These days, ceiling fans are offered in different makes and designs. Some of the various types of fans commonly available include Cast-iron fans, Stack-motor fans, Direct-drive fans, skeletal motor fans, Friction-drive fans, Gear-drive fans, Belt-driven fans and Punkah style fans. Apart from these, they are available in several other varieties.

Apart from proving relief from the heat, these fans can also add to the aesthetics of the room as well. Nowadays, you can find several aesthetically appealing options available in the market. Several of these feature mini chandeliers which give an amazing look to the entire room. Apart from chandeliers, the fans may have several fancy features, which can add to the beauty of the interiors.

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